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Sandblasting and shot blasting in Worthing, Horsham, Brighton and the surrounding areas

What is Sandblasting?

Referred to by several names including shot, sand, grit or abrasive blasting, the process is the same. The media used varies depending on the item to be cleaned but involves using a controlled pressurized air to fire fine particles at an object.

All of our operators are fully trained so you can be assured they are knowledgeable in each process and will know what the best process or media for your specific requirements is. Why not talk to our friendly team today? They will be happy to discuss any queries you may have, so call Autoblast today and ask for more information.

Why Autoblast?

Choose Autoblast for quality sandblasting at affordable prices. Whether it is for woodwork, brick work or metal, we can provide you with a sandblasting service to suit your specific requirements.

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A sandblasted and powder-coated iron railing and brick wall

Media we use:

  • Chilled iron
  • Iron silicate
  • Aluminium silicate
  • Glass grit
  • Garnet
  • Aluminium oxide
  • Glass bead
  • Walnut shell

For more information on the range of services we provide, get in touch with our team today.

A man shot blasting a large bit of pipe

Specialised Services

All our blasting is done in-house in our specialised blast room built to our specification, with blast cabinets available for the more intricate, delicate items where a keen eye to detail is essential.

Sand blasting is not just reserved for the cleaning of metal, it is also a very popular method of raising the grain on green and aged oak. Barn conversion projects have been hugely popular over the years and we have been called on to provide blasting services for brickwork, fireplaces (both inglenook and surrounds) helping to bring back the intricate details that years of constant painting have covered. With so many possibilities to restore tired objects, let us do the paint removal, leaving you to enjoy the finished results.

For Restoration and More

Work completed on a bench with decorative bears by Autoblast

Bringing things back to life

    From the most delicate of items, i.e. aluminium components, through to hardened steel, sand blasting is one of the most effective methods of cleaning an object, bringing it back to its original state ready for the next process. Blasting gives a good profile to ensure the best possible adhesion and coverage of the powders and paint used afterwards, helping to ensure a smooth durable finish.

    Restorative sandblasting work completed on a car chassis by Autoblast

    Restoring classic cars

      Shot blasting and sandblasting are a popular method for car restoration projects. At Autoblast, we can help restore your classic car to its former glory through shot blasting.

      As featured in Retro Ford magazine a classic Cortina Mark 1, a Capri Mk11 featured in Classic Ford is just one of the many classics we have had the pleasure of helping restore, along with its owner, to show condition alongside the E-type Jaguars.

      A collection of patio chairs hanging after being sandblasted by Autoblast

      Patio furniture as good as new

        Garden patio furniture is another example of many projects we have undertaken for our clients past and present, and a preferred route - instead of a trip to the local amenity tip, bring along to Autoblast for refurbishment and we'll have your garden furniture looking good as new.

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